What We Can Do For You

Our five axis routers and three axis mills can cut almost anything your heart desires, whether it’s something small like Cinderella’s glass slipper, (well uhmmm maybe a foam slipper let’s face it nobody wants to take Cinderella to the hospital for stitches) or if you need us to appeal to a bigger dream we can do that too. Our largest machine table is 8’ x 16’ x 42” tall. We work with conventional woodworking equipment as well as conventional pattern making. For fun we even do rigging and framing!

Do you have an idea you need quoted or produced but don’t have any models? That’s wonderful because my guys love arts and crafts time. APW uses CAD-CAM (Mastercam) software and have 4 seats available, we maintain latest version and can work with the following file types, IDES, STP, SLDPRT, PRT and CAT.

Our shop is our sandbox only without the sand, okay I’ll admit we do play with sand on special occasions, but we really like to play with is Steel, Aluminum, Iron, EPS and other foams of varying densities, various wood species and Urethane Tooling Board. Go big or go home right?

We engage in the creation or recreation of many things. We take part in many genres; aerospace, foundry work, prototyping and sculpting to name a few. Don’t be discouraged if your specialty does not fall into one of these categories versatility is the key and we are here to accommodate you and your project.